Alyssa Birnbaum, Ph.D.

Employee listening done right.

Generic annual engagement surveys can do more harm than good. Upgrade your employee listening strategy to ignite your talent.

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Listen. Learn. Grow.

Work with Alyssa to hear from your employees, uncover strengths and opportunities, and drive employee wellbeing and performance.

Surveys & Assessments

Embed research and best practices into your surveys and assessments.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Extract clear, succinct, and actionable findings with visuals and key takeaways.

Interviews & Focus Groups

Dive deeper with one-on-one and group listening techniques paired with qualitative analysis expertise.

Talks, Keynotes, Workshops & Trainings

Support employee growth through engaging, hands-on learning.

Team Relationship Development

Build resilient connections within your team, across teams, and throughout your company to ignite your collaborative efforts.

Remote & Hybrid Work Support

Foster a positive work culture for everyone, including your remote and hybrid employees, through evidence-based practices.

Don’t take my word for it.

Clients seem to like working with Alyssa.

  • “Dr. Birnbaum is an exceptional professional and phenomenal representative for the field of Positive Organizational Psychology as a whole.  While I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her on multiple projects through several years, I was constantly impressed by her ability to genuinely connect with each stakeholder, understand the demands and needs of a complex, global, working environment, and provide person-focused solutions to every situation. It was always clear that Dr. Birnbaum had a vested interest in each project and our entire organization to which she applied her incredible knowledge and insights fully towards.  As such, full trust and a sense of true partnership was quickly achieved.  I am confident in Dr. Birnbaum’s ability to take on many (if not any) challenge our organization has and will instantly contact her for support whenever the opportunity arises again.” James Coughlin, Ph.D., Responsible Assessment Manager at Accenture
Group facilitation with Alyssa
  • “Alyssa was a GREAT asset to our project! She did an excellent job extracting nuanced, data-driven insights from a complicated data set. She provided it in an easy-to-read doc that we quickly integrated into our final culture assessment report. Her analytical approach and attention to detail were exceptional! I highly recommend Alyssa’s services to anyone seeking a professional with a deep understanding of data analysis and cultural assessments.” Mohammed Faris, Founder/CEO at Leading Productive Lives

Alyssa is an incredible strategic partner! She was able to jump in when I only shared the desired outcome and make something happen. She has extremely high work quality that is backed by research and thoughtfulness. I will 110% work with her again in the future and highly recommend her for other roles!

Heather Smith

Founder/CEO at Talent Elevated


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